Cloud Meadow

Cloud Meadow Game

Cloud Meadow
  • Developer: Team Nimbus
  • Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG
  • Version: v0.1.2.6g
User Rating: Rating 4.44

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Release Date
Mar 3, 2020
Team Nimbus
TinyHat Studios
Casual, Indie, RPG
Windows PC


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Enjoy Fantastic Adventures in Cloud Meadow Game!

Lillian Anderson

Cloud Meadow is a video game with a difference that can be enjoyed by adults. Game is set in a fantasy world where players take control of a character as well as explore the various levels, defeating enemies and completing quests. App is heavily focused on exploration and discovery, players will often find themselves venturing off the beaten path in order to reveal new areas and items. When you’ll download Cloud Meadow game you will see beautiful hand-drawn graphics, gameplay is a mix of platforming and light puzzle-solving. It has good replay value, as there are lots of secrets to find and side-quests to complete.


Graphics in Cloud Meadow are colorful and cartoon-like, the game world is filled with various animals as well as creatures. Visual style is pleasing and easy on the eyes, runs smoothly on most devices. The graphics in Cloud Meadow for free download are gorgeous. Game's world is colorful and detailed, hand-drawn art style is really pleasing to the eye. Animations are also top-notch, whole game has a very polished look.


The gameplay in Cloud Meadow download for PC is simple but addictive. Players will spend most of their time exploring the various levels, collecting items, and defeating enemies. The game is not overly difficult, but there are some challenging puzzles and boss battles to be found. Is best played in short bursts, as it can be easy to lose track of time while playing. Platforming sections are well-designed and challenging, puzzles are just the right amount of difficult. Combat is also enjoyable, it's satisfying to upgrade your weapons and equipment. The game Cloud Meadow on Windows 10 is fairly linear, but there are plenty of secrets to find if you take time to explore.


App doesn’t have a traditional multiplayer mode, but it does allow players to share their progress with others via a leaderboard. This feature encourages players replay the game in order to beat their friends’ scores. You can team up with a friend to take on game's challenges, and it's great have someone to help you out when things get tough. The multiplayer in play Cloud Meadow online mode is well-implemented and adds a lot of value to the game.


The game has a big replay value. There are many different paths to take, and players will often find themselves revisiting old levels in order to explore new secrets. Product made by Developer of Cloud Meadow full game also features a number of unlockables, such as new characters and abilities, which give players incentive to keep playing. Also has a New Game+ mode, which adds even more replay value.


  • How do I get Cloud Meadow play for free?
    You can get it by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.
  • How do I survive?
    To survive, you will need to explore the island and find food as well as water. You can also craft items to help you survive.
  • How do I craft items?
    To craft items, you need to find a crafting table. Once you have found a crafting table, you can craft items by selecting the item you want to make and then choosing ingredients you need to create it.
  • What are the different types of items?
    There are many different types of items, including food, water, crafting materials, and tools.
  • What are the controls for Cloud Meadow for Mac download?
    Controls are simple: use the left joystick to move, right to jump, and A button to attack.


Product is a charming and addictive game that is perfect for players of all ages. World is filled with secrets to discover, the replay value is high. If you’re looking for a game to while away a few hours, then Cloud Meadow play for free is worthy checking out. It’s a great game that combines platforming with RPG elements. Is set in a beautiful world, and the hand-drawn graphics are stunning. The gameplay is enjoyable, multiplayer mode is a lot of fun. Product has good replay value, and you'll want to play it again for many times.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics and environments
  • Interesting and unique concept
  • Many different areas to explore
  • Addictive gameplay


  • Some areas can be confusing to navigate

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